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the nodding then the wink 

oh he know..



the nodding then the wink 

oh he know..


this is fucking hilarious


this is fucking hilarious


breaking news: evil feminist leader Anita Sarkeesian ruins gaming everywhere forever by saying “that’s pretty sexist, how about not doing that.”

nice guys everywhere are suffering. now they cannot beat up a hooker and steal her money without thinking “maybe this is sexist”. the american way has truly collapsed and our nation will never be the same. please take off your fedoras for a moment of silence.

Why The Holocaust Is Taught So Heavily In American Schools




The reason American education talks about the Holocaust so much is because it makes them seem like big heroes during WWII. The Nazis were evil on such a historic scale that virtually ANYONE would look like true blue heroes just by fighting against them. Saving the Jews is a big source of national pride.

However, if the USA was REALLY trying to save the Jews, they would’ve gotten involved in the war much earlier, they would’ve planned the invasion of Europe before the invasion of North Africa, and they would’ve bombed the train lines to Auschwitz as soon as possible instead of leaving them alone.

The United States operated Japanese internment camps during WWII. They closed their borders to Jewish refugees. They did not behave as heroes. They were just less bad than the Nazis. 

By the time the camps were liberated 6 million Jews and 5 million others had been murdered. This is not counting all the millions of people who died merely because they were fighting the war or got caught in the middle. The existence of the Holocaust turned WWII from just another global conflict over entangling alliances and national interests into a battle between good and evil. 

The USA, Britain and the Soviet Union did not “save” the Jews. They saved what was left of the Jews. 6 million out of 8.5 million Jews in Europe had been murdered. That’s not a rescue. That’s prioritizing defeating your enemy and just happening to put an end to their genocide in the process. 

My grandfather needed shelter during WW2, the only countries that would take him in were Fascist fucking Italy and Imperial fucking Japan.

Reblogging this because it’s a big point of confusion. People think that because US schools play up US hero-worship in WWII that this society gives a fuck about Jews. Incorrect.


Obit of the Day: The Royal Milliner

For more than thirty years Philip Somerville served as the milliner to Queen Elizabeth II, a busy job since Her Royal Highness was never spotted without something atop her head. Mr. Somerville made approximately 50 hats a year for the Queen.

Born in England, Mr. Somerville did not began his work with hats until his early 20s after trying his hand in the Merchant Marines and as an actor in Australia. In the late 1960s he returned to England ostensibly to work for the Star Hat company which had sent him abroad, but instead he was hired away by Otto Lucas, a designer of couture headwear.

Working on his own after Mr. Lucas’ death, Mr. Somerville was invited to design hats for Queen Elizabeth beginning in the 1980s. (No specific year was listed in the sources.) Not long after, her daughter-in-law Princess Diana also requested her own line of Somerville-designed chapeaus.

He credited Diana with returning the hat to some level of prominence in British society as young people became attracted to her choices of headwear.

Mr. Somerville’s designs were eventually seen on the heads of upperclass women across England. He even designed the headwear wore by Xenia (Famke Janssen) in the Bond film Goldeneye and Elektra King (Sophie Marceau) in The World is Not Enough.

Nearing the end of his career, Mr. Somerville designed a black and white, broad-brimmed feathered cap for Kate Middleton in June 2008. She wore it to Prince William’s induction into the Order of the Garter. The hat was later sold at auction in 2012 for £3,222, more than 10 times its original price.

Philip Somerville, who retired in 2008, passed away at age 84 on September 14, 2014.

Sources: The Telegraph and The Daily Mail


Top - Queen Elizabeth II wearing a Philip Somerville straw hat to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party, June 2014, courtesy of royalhats.wordpress.com and copyright of the Associated Press

Center - Princess Diana wearing a turban hat during a visit to Dubai in 1989. The hat was specifically designed to keep her hair concealed in a small attempt to honor the dress code of the United Arab Emirates. The photo is courtesy of Socialite Life.

Bottom - Kate Middleton wearing the above mentioned Somerville creation to the 2008 Order of the Garter ceremony. Courtesy of hellomagazine.com

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spoopy mingos


spoopy mingos



the fifth graders drew me weird shit at work

i love it


Minimalist Beer Labels Inspired by Pantone Color Matching Swatches